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Sewer Line Replacement
"I have used Drainline plumbing to have my sewer line replaced with trench less sewer replacement. I had a few plumber over for the last few years jetting the line. I got a few bids, the most expensive was Benjamin Franklin at over $13 000.00 and less at around $7 000.00 and one for $5 000.00. A few plumbers wanted to come over and take a look and match Drainlines bid but after meeting with Chad and talking with him I decided that this was the best company to do the job. He gave me a bid of $4 200.00 and I could tell he knows what he is talking about. Not like the sales people some other plumbing companies are sending. They are doing a fantastic job and are cleaning up real nice after them self's. I am very happy with the result :)""
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I Needed a Sewer Lateral Replaced
"I had a great experience using Drainline. I needed a sewer lateral replaced in Oakland. Their quote was the best, they pulled permits and were ready to do the job in one week. On the day of the job, they had the manpower and machinery necessary to do a tough job. The sewer main was 8-9 feet under the road surface, my old lateral was broken, and there was a gas line right above the main that added further complexity. They successfully negotiated all of the hazards and completed the work to the satisfaction of EBMUD and City of Oakland inspectors. Add me to the list of satisfied clients."
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Sewer Line Replacement
"Last week I found out that I had to replace my sewer line.....I am not big on giving 5stars simply because a company has to impress me in more than hello....Today I met Chad the owner he was professional, knowledgable, kind, price competitive although we didn't start the job I felt deeply he deserved a 5star review because what he did do was 10 folds better than his competitive"
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Lateral Sewer Replacement
"I had to replace my sewer lateral and called a few different places to get a quote. Drainline had the best price and they did a great job. Chad came out, gave a thorough inspection, let us see pics of the problem, and began work within days. Everything was completed the same day, including the county inspection, which they arranged directly. Chad and his wife are super friendly and good people. No regrets!"
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Competitive Quotes
"So glad we called and you will be too. Not exactly the situation we wanted to be in, but nevertheless we wanted it resolved quickly and done correctly. The owner, Chad, was incredibly responsive. Drainline came over quickly and provided us a competitive quote (we had multiple bids). Very knowledgeable and truly did a great job which spanned a few days. We were home during the project and can attest to the exceptional work ethic and "can-do" attitude. The communication throughout the process was excellent and we'd recommend them with 5 stars. Very happy overall."
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Drain Pipe Cleaning
"Chad was very helpful and friendly, came out to our house after hrs because I had to work long hours during the day. I explained to him what our concern was since we bought the house 2 years ago and 2 clean out later it's still clogged.. he did an assessment and camera inspection at no charge and told us what the problem was. Eventually we decided to the it done and we choose him because he really gave us a good impression when we met him. They got the work done in half a day which involve d a lot of digging and routing new sewage pipes. They cleaned up their work area too! Since then all the drains are running smooth and no standing water in the sewage pipes so....so far so good! Thumbs up to this company and Chad!"
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Pipeburst Job
"We worked with Chad who did a great job of explaining how everything would work and gave us a fair price. The pipeburst job from the front of our house to the sewer main in the street completed in the single day's work as promised. The new popper cap is discretely located in a small round irrigation box. Also the hole in the street's asphalt is much smaller than other pipeburst jobs I've seen in our neighbors' houses."
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Root Infiltration
"I knew I had root infiltration for a couple of years. I had been snaking it out periodically, but finally gave in and got some quotes to have the sewer from the house to the street replaced. I got several quotes and Drainline was by far the best pricewise. I was a little worried that I went with the low bid. But, Chad worked with my schedule and came out for an inspection after hours...gave me a quote on the spot. His men were professional, quick and clean. They started at 9:00am and were done by 2:00pm, inspection and all. When they were done, I couldn't even tell that work had been done in my yard. I highly recommend Drainline Plumbing !!!!"
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Reduced the Cost of Replacing a Drainage Line Underneath My Driveway
"Drainline has the specialized equipment required for trenchless drain replacement, which greatly reduced the cost of replacing a drainage line underneath my driveway. The service was efficient and everything looked great after they were done. They let me know before the service that there was some chance of causing a leak in a water line that runs very close to where they needed to do the work. A small leak did occur, and Drainline Plumbing repaired it the same day. Drainline Plumbing gave me a price that was less than half of another quote that I had received, and the other company had told me that if they caused a leak that I would have to pay extra to have it repaired! By contrast, Drainline Plumbing took full responsibility for doing the repair. A month later I called to ask for an invoice, and they sent me one very promptly. It was a great experience all around!"
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Sewer Clean Out Access Fixed
"I needed my sewer clean out access fixed because it wasn't properly done when the sewer lateral was replaced years ago. The cement was breaking and the soil had obviously not been properly compacted, i was worried since it was in the driveway that this could lead to breaking the sewer line. Chad was responsive even with the holidays. His crew came out promptly, and fixed, refilled, compacted, laid the proper cement thickness, and put in the appropriate metal lid. They were friendly, answered all questions i had, and showed me all the steps. Now I know that I won't have any issues in the future since this is the driveway and has cars driving over the area. Looks so clean and nice."
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Chad and his team of guys were fantastic!
"I needed a pipe replaced while doing some landscaping and I needed it done quickly! Chad came to my rescue and his guys took care of my issue quickly, and very professionally. I would highly recommend them if you have any sewer, drain or outdoor plumbing needs. They are the best! I wouldn't use anyone else!"


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