Sale Of Property

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Sale Of Property

Residents who are selling or transferring a home within the WCW service area are required to obtain a Certificate of Compliance (sewer lateral compliance) prior to sale.

Cleaning, testing, inspection and repair (if needed) of the building’s sewer and sewer laterals are necessary in order to obtain the certificate. This ensures the lateral is not defective and that the property meets WCW codes and ordinances, such as:

The sewer/sewer lateral is free of roots, grease, deposits and other solids that may impede or obstruct the transfer of sewage.

There are no illegal connections to the building sewer or sewage lateral (such as roof or yard drainage facilities).

The sewer/sewer lateral is free of structural defects, cracks, breaks or missing portions and that the grade is reasonable uniform without major sags or offsets. The building sewer or sewage lateral is equipped with at least one cleanout located within five feet of the building footprint and with a required backflow protection device. No other defective conditions exist.

Property owners must notify WCW at least 24 hours in advance of testing. Testing must be conducted with video inspection. WCW will review the final video inspection for compliance. Property owners are responsible for all repairs or replacements deemed necessary by WCW after the inspection. A sewer permit is required for repairs or replacements outside of the building. When all conditions are met, WCW will issue a Certificate of Compliance to the property owner.


Left unrepaired, damaged sewer lateral lines can create local contamination issues, damage the environment and allow excess rain or groundwater to enter and potentially overwhelm the treatment system. WCW requires testing prior to the sale of property to minimize these harmful effects.



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