Our customers rated our search performance 30% better than our peers in terms of visits, bounce rate, and conversions.

Search Solutions

Search Solutions

Our customers rated our search performance 30% better than our peers in terms of visits, bounce rate, and conversions.

For different industries, we offer various proven campaign strategies to help you win. Each includes proprietary technologies, from high to low funnel keywords selections, bidding strategies for different keyword groups, Quality Score improvement strategies, and constant campaign optimization (fusing automation and human control). Together, these elements empower us to bring you the best search solutions and performances in the industry.

Key steps for Search Campaigns

Campaign Setup Automation

We help our clients establish thousands of customized ads for brands, products, services, and locations – all in a matter of minutes. Our dynamically responsive text ads deliver the most possible relevance and the best possible user experiences to online users, in turn, improving the quality score of your most important keywords.

Combined with our accumulated list of negative keywords and search queries, we are fully-equipped to help our clients save money by making sure they never show up through negatives searches. We utilize our diverse experience in positive keywords for different industries to benefit your searches from the very beginning of every campaign.

Bidding strategies

Keyword bidding strategies are the easiest way to bid for clicks, tailored to meet the needs of different campaigns. Depending on what network you want to target, along with things like impressions, clicks, and conversions, we can help you identify the best keyword bidding strategy for your needs.

Campaign Optimization

With our help, you can continuously monitor the progress and performance of your campaigns. Knowledge is power, and once we know what’s working, and what’s not, we’ll know what to fix. Our job is to help you make the most informed marketing decisions possible, with solid campaigns that laser-target the right audience and maximize your ad spend.

Remove Bot and Fake Clicks

We know what it takes to find and eliminate 90% of bots and fake clicks via Google analytics, which can be detrimental to your online reputation – something that takes years to build and seconds to ruin. We’re sure you don’t want bot traffic destroying a presence you’ve spent years building!

The Game doesn’t end here…SEO works in tandem with SEM !

70% of Google users prefer to click on organic results. For this reason, we take various factors into account to create and implement a sustainable SEO strategy that strengthens the quantity and quality of your web traffic. Through a fusion of our SEO techniques and SEM strategies, you can expect to win search market impression share of 25%, on time and on budget.

Search Platforms: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Gmail, and YouTube